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For 50 years we are following our 7 values: education, credibility, innovation, effectiveness, transparency, care and belief in science. Our vision is to change the world of hair restoration from inside out, through education research,  & innovative treatments.

DHI Thessaloniki faithfully follows the operating procedures (SOP) and the strict protocols of the London Hair Restoration Academy, ensuring top safety, high quality and perfect results in every treatment.

Our clinic has received ISO certification, as a member of DHI Global Medical Group, which is registered in the Care Quality Control UK.

DHI Thessaloniki has won the International Business Excellence Award 2018 for Wellbeing and Health, the best hair transplant clinics in Europe from the European Business Awards and the Patient Service Award 2017 by Whatclinic.com.

With DHI hair follicles are implanted one by one in a specific direction, angle, and depth providing 100% natural results.

We are using the advanced DSA hair loss diagnostic system, providing 24/7 help center and offering full care packages.

General Info

Surgery Detalis

  • Head Doctor: Dr. Apostolos Paganos
  • Surgeon: Doctor
  • Since: 6
  • Method: Beard, Eyebrows, Hair Transplant, Implanter (DHI), Restoration Area



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  • 2.5
    Average Price Per Graft
  • Flights: No
  • Accomodation: Yes
  • Special Care: No
  • Transporation: Yes
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