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Dr. Ilker Apaydin is one of the few plastic surgeons in Turkey who has focused his practice on hair transplantation. He has operated more than 9000 men and women from over 40 countries who had complaints about receding hair. He is a master both in FUT and FUE techniques.

Since 2006 Dr. Ilker Apaydin has committed to practicing hair transplantation only. He has gained quite a reputation among the patients as you may want to take a look at his profile at web sites, like RealSelf.com and other hair transplantation forums.

He is an internationally acknowledged surgeon and an active member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS). He has been a faculty member in the Next Big Thing sponsored by ISHRS in 2011.

Our medical team is probably the most experienced in the hair transplantation field in the country. Our head nurse has been in the field for more than 25 years. She joined over 6000 operations with Dr. Ilker Apaydin. They have been working together since 2006. Our medical team is made up of highly experienced and dedicated nurses. The experience within the team cumulates up to 7 decades when added up.

Dr. Ilker Apaydin and the team are highly experienced in different hair transplantation techniques, i.e. FUE, FUT, FUT+FUE combined. 

FUE technique is also called Follicular Unit Extraction. In this method, the follicles are extracted one by one with the help of a micro punch and then transplanted to the recipient area. All team members have been trained by Dr. Ilker and the head nurse Ms. Hulya themselves.

FUT is also called  Follicular Unit Transfer. In this method, a strip of hairy scalp is taken between the two ears; the strip is cut carefully to yield maximum hairs, and then the hair is transplanted to the recipient area.  You must understand that in this method you will have stitches where the strip is taken. 

FUT+FUE Combined technique is. for those who have very limited donor sites. You may be recommended a combined operation after the medical evaluation.

The operations are performed at the Nişantaşı Hospital, a private fully-equipped hospital very close to our clinic and to the hotel.

We make it easy for you. Once you send the photos of your scalp Dr. Ilker Apaydin makes a free medical evaluation by looking at the photos. Then we send a brief medical report depending on Dr. Ilker’s evaluation. The surgical cost varies with each patient depending on many factors. After the medical evaluation, one of our patient coordinators will assist you with the pricing and payment options and throughout your journey to your new hair.


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  • Head Doctor: Dr Ilker Apaydin
  • Surgeon: Doctor
  • Since: 1999
  • Method: Beard, Eyebrows, FUE, FUT, Hair Transplant, Hair Treatment, Other Solutions, PRP, Restoration Area, Scalp



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