Turkish Hair Transplant Cost

Let’s start with the ultimate question. What does a Turkish hair transplant cost? Cost is essential since you don’t want to spend too much on the hair transplant procedure. There are a lot of factors to consider when getting a hair transplant. Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know about the costs of a hair transplant in Turkey.

Turkish hair transplant: the Average Cost

A hair transplant is an operation that surgeons perform to restore hair in areas with very little or no hair. The cost of this procedure varies from one country to the other according to their market.

Turkey’s cost of hair transplantation varies depending on the number of grafts needed, donor area, and surgeon’s experience.

The cost of the hair transplant procedure varies depending on the size of the area being treated and the number of grafts required.

A typical head’s average Turkish hair transplant costs about $2500-7500.

Costs can be as high as $30,000, depending on the number of procedures required to achieve optimal results.

Some may also require additional procedures such as laser treatments, micro scalp pigmentation, or other non-surgical treatments to enhance their results. However, some clinics offer affordable hair transplant costs but lower quality results.

Turkish Hair Transplant Cost

Factors That Can Affect The Cost Of Turkish Hair Transplant

The significant factors that affect the Turkish hair transplant cost include:

Type Of Hair Transplant Procedure Performed

 The type of procedure you need will affect your total cost. For example, if you need only a few grafts, it would be cheaper than having a full head of hair.

Number Of Grafts Needed

If you need more grafts than usual, your cost will also significantly rise. Additionally, if some of your existing hair has to be removed during the procedure, this will also increase your overall cost.

The surgeon's experience

A surgeon with extensive experience performing this type of surgery will charge more than someone new to the field.

Experienced doctors charge more because they know what they are doing and can perform the procedure quickly without causing any damage to your scalp or causing any other side effects like scarring or infection.

Your location

Turkish hair transplant costs vary from city to city within Turkey and country outside of Turkey. If possible, try to find out how much it costs for people near you — this could give you a reasonable estimate of what it would cost.

Why is Turkish hair transplant so popular?

Hair transplant in Turkey is becoming increasingly popular. The reason for this is that the price of the procedure is much lower than in other countries, and the quality of the results is very high.

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